Power Sports - Family Fun
Avantis (uh von tee) was created with a few simple goals:

  • To search for the highest quality products at a competitive, fair price.
  • To stock parts for both routine maintenance and to handle the repairs that are bound to occur in a powered sports vehicle.
  • To provide local service as well as parts and support for our customers across America.
  • To provide a true, no hassle parts warranty to assure our Client's that we really do believe in our products.
WHY? As owners and riders of motorcycles, scooters, and four-wheelers we were awed by the method of distribution of these products, and the problems that are created when non-mechanically inclined people try to buy such vehicles through internet sources. We support what we sell!

Providing a family of four with products that cost about the same or less than ONE of the "major brands" helps to bring the family together for FUN.... and that is what it is all about.

Over 8 years ago we started importing products and parts to serve the growing Chinese market. In 2008 we started a "brick and mortar" store with clientele from all 50 states and 2 U.S. Possessions. In June of 2013 we moved to Indianapolis. This location near the heart of Indy gives us a more central location and allows us to ship products even faster from our eBay and internet stores. We continue to import parts directly from China to provide a competitive price to both our retail and dealer clients.

Stop by and visit us.